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2017 Working with Adolescents and Young Adults with Autism - An Introductory Course

Target Audience



S$856.00 per participant
*S$376.00 per participant (S’porean or S’pore PR)
*S$513.60 per participant (Employment Pass Holder)
(*applicable to eligible NCSS Member/MCYS-funded VWO participants only)


Start Date: 2017-09-18
End Date: 2017-09-30
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm/9 am to 4 pm
Duration: 12 hr(s)

Programme Description

This is an application programme that is designed for participants (coaches, programme staff, therapists, educators and other professionals) working with adolescents or young adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This course will begin with an introductory module on understanding Autism and its impact on everyday living and learning. Participants will be introduced to an intervention philosophy and culture of support that will positively impact the quality of their daily decisions and practices.

Subsequent modules will focus on key elements of providing meaningful and respectful support to individuals on the autism spectrum. Participants will learn key skills in

  • Creating and using a learner profile
  • Selection of relevant goals
  • Task analysis
  • Graded Assistance
  • Teaching choice making

It is anticipated that participants attending this workshop will learn key knowledge and skills to apply in their everyday work i.e.

  1. Coaches, programme staff, educators and others providing direct services to young adults with autism will learn:
    • What autism is and how it affects behaviour
    • How to analyse common behaviours from an autism perspective
    • Key positive active support strategies
    • Building personal resilience
  2. School Administrators, Managers and others involved with supporting frontline staff will learn:
    • An Autism perspective
    • Positive Active Support
    • Building staff resilience

Learning Goals:

This training programme is designed to empower participants with the core competencies to:

  • Understand autism from the perspective of an individual with autism
  • Understand how autism impacts the daily work routines and the role of positive support
  • Apply basic strategies to help young adults with autism to:
    • Improve social communication, learning and participation
    • Increase appropriate behaviours and decrease inappropriate behaviours
  • Self-evaluate own personal resilience and increase awareness of key stressors

Targeted Audiences

Trainers, Programme Staff, Therapists, Educators and other Professionals working with Adolescents or Young Adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Special School or Day Activity Centre

Additional Information:

Mondays: 18 & 25 Sept 17, 6pm - 9pm.

Saturday: 30 Sept 17, 9am - 4pm.

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Special Notes

Fees include GST, handout materials and refreshments

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Registration Closing Date 23rd August 17


Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)


 Ms Anita Russell,

Ms Anita Russell, Principal Autism Consultant

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 Ms Paula Teo,

Ms Paula Teo, Senior Manager for Programmes and Services, Autism Association (Singapore)

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