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2020 Autism Expert Series

Target Audience

Parents & Caregivers


SGD30 per participant
Fee fully waived as part of ARC(S)’s contribution to the community during this COVID period.

Participants who are interested to support our cause may contribute to the charity through here.


Start Date: 2020-05-28
End Date: 2020-06-26
Time: 4.00pm to 5.00pm
Duration: 1 hr(s)

Programme Description

28 May 2020 (Thursday), 4pm to 5pm (SGT)
Speaker: Dr Peter Vermeulen, PhD, Autism in Context, Belgium
Topic: Are Sensory Issues in Autism Sensory? Autism, The Predictive Mind and Sensory Processing

This webinar will briefly explain what the predictive mind is, and how the predictive coding framework will change our ideas about perception and sensory issues in autism. We will also learn how the new ideas about the brain tell us to move from the current default interventions for sensory issues in autism (mainly based on eliminating stimuli such as sound and light) to interventions that also take into account the predictability factor in sensory overload. Because, in the light of the new brain model, uncertainty and unpredictability are more contributing to sensory overload than the stimuli themselves. 

12 June 2020 (Friday), 4pm to 5pm (SGT)
Speaker: Dr Tony Osgood
Topic: Positive Behaviour Support & Children: Understanding the Child

This webinar cover the fundamentals and strategies for support that are respectful to the child’s gifts, family or school contexts. These are all based on a functional approach, meaning behaviour communicates profound meaning that we need to understand prior to intervening.

19 June (Friday), 4pm to 5pm (SGT)
Speaker: Dr Peter Vermeulen, PhD, Autism in Context, Belgium
Topic: Stress Management in Autism 

This webinar will explore how stress is and why people on the autism spectrum experience more stress. But also what the biggest stressors are for them. We will also have an overview of the different strategies for helping people with an autism diagnosis (of all ages and all levels of intelligence) to cope with stress. Some evidence based coping strategies will be discussed as well as how to make some of the well-known strategies (e.g. relaxation techniques) autism friendly. So, an overview of the ingredients of an autism friendly stress management plan. 

26 June (Friday), 4pm to 5pm (SGT)
Speaker: Dr Caroline Mills, Lecturer, University of Western Sydney
Topic: Supporting Sensory Needs in Individual Students

This webinar is designed for teachers and parents in how to work with an individual student to support them to determine what their individual sensory needs are. Once individual sensory needs are determined, practical strategies for supporting individual sensory needs will be looked at in detail. The Sensory Form will be used as one of the tools to guide participants through the webinar, but other freely available tools will be introduced too. School and community therapists could also benefit from this webinar.

Learning Goals

Learn and understand more on autism through online webinars by Global Autism Experts.

Targeted Audience

  • Parents/Caregivers
  • Teachers/Educators, Therapists and other Professionals

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 Dr Peter Vermeulen

Dr Peter Vermeulen

Speaker's Profile

 Dr Caroline Mills

Dr Caroline Mills

Speaker's Profile

 Dr Tony Osgood,

Dr Tony Osgood, Previously a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities at the University of Kent's Tizard Centre

Speaker's Profile

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